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1-Day Self-Guided Itinerary - Explore Zante Town, Laganas Bay and Marathonisi Islet

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

So you’ve decided to travel to Zante. It is home to one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It’s become quite the destination in the Ionian and continues to become more and more popular. There is so much this green lush island has to show you. But where to start?

You spend hours researching online. Best things to do, where to go, most beautiful beaches. You want to make sure you see the very best the island has to offer.

We’ve spent years exploring our beloved Zakynthos. So we know a thing or two (or three) about what is good right now. What is always good, and what is great. Where to pick up that coffee, where to park (because that is actually more important than you think!), and where to spend your money to eat. Mediocre is not a word we like to use. We want to make sure this is the vacation of your dreams, and to make sure Zante is somewhere you would not hesitate to tell a friend to visit.

Our 1 day self-guided itineraries are well thought out. A day that flows, feels good, and keeps a nice pace of fun, exploring and well... ‘vacationing’. There is always options for the ones that don’t like to stop, the ones that want to take a minute, and the ones who prefer to be totally laid back. Food and drink options for any taste and budget.

We haven’t left out any details. Exploring Zante town, shopping, with a delicious snack pick up from the best take out counter in the city. Spend the afternoon exploring Laganas Bay and captain your own mini boat to Marathonisi Islet. Sit down lunch at a great beach bar or a slice of the best pizza on the island? Your choice, as always.

Then, rest up and enjoy an elevated dining experience back in the city (you bet we know exactly where!). A great day experiencing Zante.

The easiest way, with a ‘know how’ guide that takes all the guess work out of your day. Enjoy!

What’s included:

Breakfast and snack pick up options

Where to park to help your day flow with ease

Mini Boat rental counter (extra $ for rental aprox 125 Euro for 8 passengers / 2 hour rental)

Islet exploring tips

Cave exploring option

Lunch / Beach lounging

Delicious dinner and after dinner suggestions


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