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Anyone can google search 'what to do in Zakynthos'. You'll get a list of great things, we won't argue that. But off the beaten path is where you find all the magic this amazing island has to offer. 


For us, there is no trip planning too big or too small. 

Want to have just one day of no-thinking, planned fun from start to finish? We can definitely do that.

Do you want your whole stay in Zakynthos planned and wrapped in a pretty bow... from where to stay and how you will arrive? We can definitely do that too! 

We specialize in the details. The not-so-well-known gems this island offers its guests. 

There are things you can experience on the island that you won't find on any of those 'best of' lists; Hidden taverns in a field with live music and free-flowing village wine. Wineries that serve yummy lunches in olive groves under grape pergolas.

Snack shops where the locals buy (trust us!) the best cheese and spinach pies in town.

Where to eat with a full moon, where to sip that cocktail with the best vibe.

Best slice of pizza, and the best coffee in town. We have you covered.


A simple $99 flat fee per day for planning. It's as easy as that to access our treasury of tips and bonus itineraries. We plan out a great day, or days, and throw in for a bonus, our self-guided itineraries, must not miss, and list of favourites. Just add a day (or a few!) of planning to your shopping cart,  and let's get started.

Contact us to see how easy it could be. If you need help with where to stay, we got you covered!  And if you need a more complete travel package. No request is too big or too small. We are happy to help.

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