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1-Day Self-Guided Itinerary, Mountain Exploring, Western Coast

Updated: Feb 13

It is an island after-all, how to make the most out of the Western Coast.

Talking from experience, you need to make the most out of the days you spend away from the beach. You'll want to see great things. Things worth your time. You'll want to feel like you've just experienced something different, fun and special. You'll want to say to yourself at least once during the day 'wow, i can't believe how beautiful this is!'.

Not everything makes it on the 'top things to do in Zakynthos' list that you might find elsewhere online. A well thought out day makes this exploring a complete pleasure. You won't be too tired, or too hot. You won't get too hungry. You'll arrive at just the right time, and everything you'll see is just the right distance apart. Most importantly, your camera roll will be full of amazing memories.

When we visit the western coast of the island, we are looking for a feeling. A vibe. We want to see some cool things, snack along the way, refresh ourselves in water that is just unreal, and spend a minute lounging and overlooking the sea with full stomachs and full hearts.

A vacation is an experience. It's when we fill our minds with the beauty of the world. You have to feel alive while experiencing the nature and culture of this island. Your vacation needs to rise up and meet you. A well planned day will help make the most of your time on beautiful Zante.

With an instant pdf download, you get to benefit from our obsessive planning and experience a tast of custom planning. If you plan on exploring the Western part of the island, you won't want to miss this.

We want you to love this island as much as we do!

Western Exploring Zante



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