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Top Beaches In Zakynthos

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

What are the top beaches in Zante? There's so many to choose from, but here's a bunch you just must see.

1. The world famous Navagio (Shipwreck)

Also known as Smugglers Cove, this smugglers ship sank in the early 80's when caught in shallow waters (supposedly running from the greek navy).

You need to charter a boat or book a cruise to access this remote beach. Limestone walls tower above, reaching 200 meters, joined by white sands and a white peppled shore that meet turqoise waters. Its breathtaking! We warn you though... busy in the summer months.

Zante Travel Tip: You can also see this beauty by land above. A balcony has been built that overlooks this gorgeous beach. The colours are even more vivid in person. Inlcude this in any exploring of the western part of the island.

2. Porto Limionas

This one is special, about 30km from city center. Get here early for an umbrella and chairs. Set up camp and jump off into the rocks. Explore the pool of water if you're brave enough to climb. Jump off the rocks into the fresh crystal water of the sea. Not so much sand as it is access to the pristine waters of the Ionian. And you must take time to eat at the only tavern there. Yum!

Zante Travel Tip: There is one restaurant here (delicious!!!) and the straw umbreallas are first come first serve. It's a gorgeous way to spend the morning and afternoon relaxing under the sun. We suggest to get here early for parking and chairs. The view is everything from almost any spot. And don't forget your water shoes. If there isn't any chairs available you can always just throw your towel on the cliff and jump off to your hears delight.

3. Gerakas

A beautiful beach on the Eastern tip of the island. A protected nesting beach for the Loggerhead turtles that are native to the waters around Zakynthos. You’ll find rows and rows of umbrella and chairs to rent but no food or drink on site. The beach sits in a gorgeous bay with walls of rock and is always one of our favorite beach days. Quite a few stairs down from the parking area.

Zante Travel Tip: Bring some food and drinks. Since it is protected, there is no service available on the beach you’ll absolutely need to bring refreshments. If you don’t feel like carrying them from wherever you start, don’t worry. There’s a few options to choose from at the start of the stairs leading to this piece of heaven. We usually like to eat a meal before we head down to the beach. But we always bring snacks.

4. Agios Nikolao

A fun, full service beach about 32 km from city center. Lots of parking under shade, restaurants to choose from. Music, full beach service, watersports, and great people watching. There’s also a great little church that sits a short walk from the beach that is a photo opp MUST. Trust me! We love the water sports here more than any other spot on the island. From beginner fun to extreme, there is an activity for everyone.

Zante Travel Tip: I like to hang at Ammos Beach Bar.. They have excellent beach service, great music for a beach day vibe, but close enough to the action if you wanted. It would take you 2 minutes to walk along the beach front to arrange an activity on the water.

5. Porto Azzuro

I love this beach so much i wrote a whole post about it. There's something about the vibe here. And the food. Im never disappointed. About 12km from city center. Check out my post for details.

6. Dafni Beach

15km from city center, I will admit a prudent drive. But i assure you wholeheartedly, absolutely worth it. It's like a little slice of heaven. Tucked away, but not really. Sits alone in gorgeous crystal waters. Perfect for snorkling, or scuba diving which is available on site. I'd call to reserve. My favorite part is the restaurant (there's only one), you can order a fresh fish, which they caught that morning and they prepare to perfection. It does not get fresher and more authentic than that. An awesome beach day experience.

Travel Zante tip: Don't forget your snorkle mask. There is also rocks at the shore but they've cleared a few paths to enter water with no issues and no rocks. Its perfect!

7. Makris Gialos

29 km from city center, this glorious beach is not organzied but you will find select chairs for rent. We love to stop here anytime we are exploring the Western part of the island, and always feel energized after doing so. The waters are the freshest and most pristine. It feels amazing to be in the water. Therapeutic really You must experience it yourself.

Travel Zante Tip: The water gets deep fast, so keep an eye out for the little ones.

8. Laganas / Marathonisi Islet

Party central. But... during the day anyone can enjoy this beach experience. The bay of Laganas is home to the Loggerhead turtles so you won't find any large tour boats. They try to keep the waters more quite, but a perfect opportunity to captain your own boat and explore the waters and the nearby Marathonisi Islet. One beach bar after another, no shortage of vibes and excellent people watching.

9. Porto Roxa

About 30km from city center. There's not much not to love about this spot. The restaurants (there's a few to choose from) are really great. And jumping off into the crystal clear waters are amazing. They have a really great set up and you can spend the day really enjoying.

10. Korakonisi

About 29km from city center. I want to say, a bit less beach, but more a cove to explore. You need to arrive early, often we do so on our way to Porto Roxa for lunch and lounging. It's a very careful walk down the way, which we suggest shoes for (not flip flops), and you can then enjoy some time exploring and swimming once you get down there. It is definitely not to be missed. We never miss the opportunity to visit.

Each beach day offers something magical. Enjoy!

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