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Beach Day, Porto Azzuro, Vassilikos

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Top beaches in Zakynthos

Nestled in the area known as Vassilikos is Porto Azzuro. A great beach vibe, with a bit of everything to see. Lounge, relax, take the sun or enjoy the breeze under the shade. However you choose to do it, we promise you’ll love it.

You’ll see lots of people walking around with clay masks. It’s part of the fun. Bring a spoon.

Part beach, part restaurant, part rock formation, part mountain, Porto Azzuro is a little something for everyone.

What To Do

Well, beach day is pretty self explanatory we hope. There‘s plenty of parking when you arrive at Porto Azzuro. A short walk down the well manicured way and the rest is to your choosing. Lots of chairs both left and right of the restaurant and cute shop. There’s excellent beach chair service with a good number of staff running around in the sun for you. Choose your spot and they’ll get right to you.

There’s sometimes a few pebbles right as you get in but it’s mostly soft sand. Go for a swim, bathe in the sun, enjoy the summer breeze. The tiki umbrellas really set the mood as you sit nesled in this green landscape. It sure gets points for style. Snorkel around for fun, and of course take loads of pictures. You will for sure bare witness to a beach photo shoot (you can’t really blame anyone! The backdrop is perfection) and we suggest you might have one yourself. Heck, we’re guilty of it each time we visit.

You can snorkle around or climb (carefully) the rock formation. That’s where you’ll find clay deposits. Tourists and locals alike rub that clay all over their face and bodies and let it dry in the sun. Beach, spa, do-it-yourself kind of thing. You’ll need something sharp to scrape away the clay from the shore. I’ve seen people bring spoons. Rince off when you're ready.

If eating is more (or also) your thing, there’s an extensive menu to choose from. We love the fig salad, and the omelette is delicious (something about that olive oil). They also have a great fruit platter. We haven’t really ever had something we didn’t like.

If you’re thirsty well, coffee and cocktails. And that sounds pretty perfect to us.

Let us know what you loved about #portoazzuro #zante #zakynthos #travelzante.


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