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(More of) The 10 Best Beaches In Zakynthos

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

We’ve already listed our top 10 must-see beaches while visiting Zante . But there's at least 10 more you need to know about before choosing which to visit during your holiday.

There's plenty to discover on this Ionian gem. Some are beaches, some are beach experiences. But all offer something amazing.

1. Agios Sostis / Cameo Island

At the end of the Laganas bay you'll find this small beach. It’s a small and a mostly quite beach , BUT, you have quick access to the popular Cameo Island. It’s a short walk across a wooden bridge, ready for you to explore. You can spend some time on the ’island’ for 5 euro, free to roam, sit in the sun, enjoy the music for as long as you please. We’ve seen loggerhead turtles swimming in the waters while crossing the bridge. And that's always a fun surprise.

Cameo used to be a roaring nightclub in the 80's/90's... I invite you to imagine walking back over that bridge after having had a few drinks. Yikes!

It’s more of a thing to see rather than a day at the beach, but I knew we had to add it to this list. Spend time lounging and enjoying a cocktail in the sun (of course there's drinks and snacks!) It's fun to explore.

Zante Travel Tip:

It’s also a good hop on point for a boat tour. And one of the reasons we added it to the list.

We always suggest you opt to captain of your own little mini boat ( we love it, see our post about it here ).

2. Xigia Beach

With its sulfur rich waters, many people flock here for the spa like benefits. We will warn you, the water smells. But people swear by it, so we make our way here every year. It’s a gorgeous little slice of heaven.

Arrive early for parking.

3. Keri Beach

Maybe not so much a great beach... But you'll find the port of Keri about 14 km from the city center. The big attraction is about 1km away (and above) from Keri beach at the lighthouse. It sits on top of a 300m cliff with breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and Mizithres Rocks. Those Mizithres rocks are being dubbed the 'new shipwreck'. The colours of the water are unforgettable. You will not regret the trip and will not soon ever forget the magestic view.

At Limni Keri you can charter a small boat to visit the nearby, Marathia or the Blue Caves. You’ll never forget the 2 hours you’ll spend exploring the caves around the corner.

4. Marathias

Marathia (near Keri) is a small remote ‘beach’, a perfect option for those looking for a little extra, a bit of adventure and are not interested in the tourist crowd (or much sand). It's a little piece of heaven and an opportunity to turn it all off for a while in this oasis. It's off the main path but worth it in every way.

5. Kalamaki

Kalamaki beach is a protected stretch of beach that is home to the nesting loggerhead turtles. For that reason it remains relatively quite, with just two or three restaurants and hotels directly on the water. No loud music, and less congestion on this beach. Kalamaki beach village extends upwards with endless hotels and entertainment that are both adult and family friendly.

6. Tsilivi

Tsilivi beach is always fun. You'll find every type of hotel here to suit your mood and budget. Adult only, or super family friendly. There is something for anyone and everyone. Restaurants galore and quite honestly some of the best tourist shops on the island. Seriously.

Its a public beach with large sandy shores. You get to decide what restaurant front to lounge on. Beach service is standard. Spend the day, enjoy lunch but please don't forget to explore the neighbourhood, it's our favorite part. The artisan shops are spectacular.

7. Alykes

Alykes beach village is a 'if you know, you know' kind of place. On the east coast of the island, it's smaller than Tsilivi but offers just as many tourist options. Our favoritebeach front is Fishalida, where they offer premium chairs and great food. It’s a great day at the beach.

One of our most favorite authentic taverns calls Alykes home and it really should not be missed for lunch or dinner during your holiday.

8. Banana Beach

You'll find this gem 14km from city center. It's the largest organized beach on the island. Their food and drink service is unmatched. No shortage of where to sit, with music that is always on point (but not aggressive), it's a must see during your stay. Parking with shade available. Great restaurant also, if you want to hang back and have an early dinner or big snack as the sun sets. For some reason, we find this the hottest beach day. The cold showers up near the restaurant are almost a necessity. I would settle in nearest to the showers and that is probobly the best advice we can give you.

9. Plakaki Beach (Agalas)

Looking for an adventure... you found it. With a steep hike down the hill from the village of Agalas, it is not really meant for kids or anyone that can't manage a careful walk down the rock path. You must wear proper shoes (no flip flops!) for stable footing. When you finally make it down, there's flat stones that are ideal for lounging. It's more than worth the hike. The waters are incredible. So many shades of turqoise and blue. You won't believe how vivid they are. The water is crystal clear.

Travel Zante tip: There's really no shade so definitely bring a hat and water/snack in a backpack! There is also a cave at that mountain village that is fun to explore called Damianos Caves. They'll be signs all over.

10. Filipoi Beach

This one is a hidden gem that is not spoken about too often. The path down to this gorgeous oasis is narrow and windy but it's paved the whole entire way making it manageable. Just drive carefully. More than worth it to explore this cove and beach. Water is beyond your expectations. And a vision you won't ever forget. Bring some water (and snacks!).

Happy travelling my friends!


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