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Marathonisi Islet, Zakynthos also known as Turtle Island

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

What to do in Zakynthos, one of the top beaches in Zante to explore!

I’m the captain now! Beach and islet exploring. Why not captain your own boat on a quick 2 hour tour of this gorgeous islet and a great way to potentially see the sea turtles native to these waters.

From the gorgeous bay of #Laganas you can opt into renting a small 8 passenger mini boat and captain yourself, your family/friends across the way to explore the Marathonisi islet and perhaps if you’re somewhat lucky spot a few sea turtles along the way. The boats are conveniently available for rent directly on the beach and usually go for around 125 Euro per 2 hours. It’s a really fun way to spend some time on the water. You can set anchor on the beach to quickly explore the uninhibited island. Then sail your way to the back of the small islet to explore the many caves and crystal clean water. The perimeter of the islet is about a mile and it should only take you around 20 minutes to get from the Laganas shore to #marathonisi or #turtleisland.

You can always opt to take an organized tour (there are so many!) but if you’re up to it, it’s such a great way to spend a few hours. And the boats are so easy to captain. Large boats are not really allowed in #laganasbay to protect #zante #seaturtles who live in the waters of the bay and who nest on the nearby beaches. The islet is uninhibited so exploring is interesting, a little paradise island vibe.

Travel Zante tip: It's happend a couple of times where we notice other drivers noticing the #seaturtles, so pay attention so you don't miss them. They come up for water every 4-5 minutes.

We always enjoy a big lunch after our joyride. The water always has a way of building up our appetites. We get back to shore and eat at one of our all time favorite spots on the beach ! Fun people watching and delicious food. We always finish our afternoon lounging (or napping) in the sun. Good music and good vibes. A holiday must-have! It's a 3 minute walk off of the main strip, or you can drive and park in their parking lot and access the beach through their restaurant. Free parking for patrons.

Travel Zante tip: Bring water, if you’re lucky you’ll bump into the floating snack shop, but plan to have enough refreshments in case you don’t.


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