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Guide: Getting to Zakynthos

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What options do you have? A little info for your consideration.

How to get there

Flying or by car, bus and boat. All are great options. What type of ride are you looking for?

If you are flying direct to the island via your tour operator than you’re already one step closer. And there are direct flights from so many European cities daily. Otherwise here are some other options.

Let’s Fly!

There are usually 1 or 2 flights leaving the Athens airport direct to Zante daily.

There's a long list of flights arriving direct to ZTH from many EU cities. Worth making a connection if it maximizes travel time. More and more flights each year get added.

If you happen to have a long layover in Athens, #SofitelAthens directly across the street offers day rates. You’ll need to book the room directly through the hotel by phone +30 21 0354 4000. They will warn you that rooms are based on availabilities but there are always availabilities during the day.

Travel Zante tip: Flights are around 55 minutes to the island. Pack/buy a snack, there are almost always small delays, air traffic is bananas in the busy summer months.

Drive And Ferry.

Rent a car

Let’s say you choose to rent your car from the ATH airport and drive to #Zante. The car rental counters are 100 meters to the right once you exit the luggage pick up. Once you take care of business you’ll continue on and exit the airport. The car rental parking lot is about 200 meters from that point.

Travel Zante tip: Across from the car rental counter there is a convenience shop. Buy water before you head out! It’s hot out there.

It’s about a 3 hour drive (not rushed) to the port of #Kilini. It’s a smooth and easy drive. The road has 3 tolls so you’ll need small bills. There’s a few coffee stops right along the highway if you need a snack/break but always keep in mind that ferry departure time.

You can purchase your ferry tickets online or directly at the port. We prefer to buy online and they’ll scan to board.

Travel Zante tip: There is a wonderful tavern called Sou-Mou at the port. Best in the area. If you have time its a no brainer.

Private Transfer

You can opt for a private driver with cars and vans that seat 4 - 16. You will definitely find an option for you. The transfers usually leave you at the port of Kilini, but there are plenty that will take you directly over with the ferry and drop you off at your hotel or at the car rental office of your choice. The price will reflect this extra service. Usually around 500 euro to the port of Kilini. You can find endless options online to get you to the port of Killini.

We have wonderful partners that will get you right over to your hotel or car rental agency without having to lug your luggage around the ferry.

Travel Zante tip: If your flight is delayed leaving you must advice your driver or risk that they will leave ATH airport before you exit the baggage gate.

Travel By Bus

If you opt to make the trip by bus then you’ll need to make your way from the airport to the central KTEL station. Bus number X93 takes you direct from the airport terminal to the KTEL station. The bus operates 24 hours / 7 days per week and the service runs about every 30 minutes. The route lasts around 45 minutes. A single ticket cost is 5 € to the KTEL terminal.

There, you’ll purchase a ticket to Zakynthos. Very affordable. And very comfortable. Smooth, and relaxing. Buses are all big, and the trip is painless. We always advise to purchase your tickets before hand if you know what departure time you'll use.

They have a pretty decent schedule and the trips usually take about 5 hours with that including the ferry.

Check the ATH-ZTH schedule and plan right.

(summer schedules available as of spring)

No matter what option best suits you, you won’t regret making the trip.

Make sure to check out our Island Vibe post to get a good idea of what each area of the island is like.


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