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Why Use A Travel Planner?

Updated: 3 days ago

For us, it’s a no-brainer. A win-win across the board.

For as long as we can remember we’ve been spending summers on this island. Years and years of exploring, playing, and discovering all the beauty and fun this island has to offer.

What started out as giving ideas to friends or nice people we would meet on holiday on the island, slowly shaped its way into more detailed and elaborate planning for friends and acquaintances. And what we did for fun at that point, or rather, to make sure people loved the island as much as we did, turned into the possibility to live what we loved. Follow your passion they say… well we did exactly that.

The beauty of how this works is easy. We are not a tour agency. So we don’t work specifically with any supplier. You are never forced to stay, or eat, or use anything based on any of our $ interests. We've built many relationships, so many great island friends, that we truly have to ability to make those choices based on what makes the most sense for YOUR trip. The whole point of exploring is to go off the beaten path. Anyone can Google 'top things to do in Zakynthos' and be shown the same lists of things to see and do. And while most of those are great, it's not where you find the magic. There are special spots on the island that are not well known (thankfully!) and will help make your holiday more magical. Places to eat where you'll get the most authentic Greek experiences. Dinner plans where the full moon will rise above your table. Dare we say the best gyro on the island. That’s why using us to plan your trip makes the most sense. Because it's never cookie-cutter plans. It's what we love to do because we won't send you anywhere we don't enjoy going ourselves. Ever!

Over here at Travel Zante, we charge a 10% premium on your trip total (never includes a premium on flights).

Our trips are always customized to your group's interests. Never cookie cutter, one size fits all, or the internet must do's while on the island.

There are things to experience that you'll never find on those lists—hidden taverns in a field, with live music and free-flowing village wine.

Wineries that serve gourmet lunches in olive groves under grape pergolas.

Snack shops where locals buy the best pie's in town.

Best manicure in town. Late-night drinks. Early morning fresh juice. Best local honey, best gyro, the best slice of pizza.

Where to have dinner with a full moon. Where to get your groceries. Best takeout near your place. Best place to park your car in the city.

There won't be any details left out. You'll feel almost like you've been there before, all while discovering why we love Zante the way we do.

And because we spend our summers laying around those Greek beaches we are always available to you.

It all starts with a chat, either a phone call or email.

Our planning can accommodate any budget. Even the smallest budgets always include our self-guided 1-day itineraries so you can make the most of your holiday time.

We offer suggestions on what your trip might look like. Planning a great trip can come in many different shapes and sizes.

After getting a feel for what you'd like, we then take some time to put together an itinerary for you to review.

We take care of all bookings across the board. This is to make sure the experience is seamless. This will be the easiest trip you ever take. And we are there every step of the way.

Some people spend their whole holiday in Zante. Others spend a few days on the island while visiting the area to take in the sights. We take care of all the details. Flexible, fluid, and planned as much or as little as you want.

Our friends S&T were picked up from the airport and spent 3 beautiful days in a small villa with sea views. They spent a day exploring the island coast (and shipwreck!) by boat. Ate under the stars, drank wine in an olive grove, and bathed in the sun while looking out into the Ionian with nothing between them and the African continent. They didn't have to think about one thing.

They spent 500$ on planning with us.

And it was worth every penny according to them.

They said they would absolutely need to come back and visit again.

Our friends M&A spent a week on the island and used us to help plan a few of their days.

They told us they were their favourite days on the island!

They spent 300 $ on planning with us.

Our friends L&T brought their family of 5 over for a week while also visiting Italy.

They enjoyed a full package of planning. No detail you could imagine was overlooked.

They paid 2000$ for planning with us.

When they returned we got a call from L's brother to start planning for summer 2023.

For us, the biggest compliment.

Our friend V came over to the island to visit a friend. She didn't want to think too much about logistics. We took care of the mindless details, all transportation logistics, and made sure her trip was fluid and easy from the moment she landed in Athens.

She paid $300 in planning with us.

No matter your trip. We can help make it special.

Let us show you what you can find off the beaten path.

We can't wait for you to discover or rediscover Zante.

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