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Shopping Guide, Zante Town

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

What to do in Zakynthos when you're in the mood to shop!

Walking the streets in town and exploring the countless shops is definitely one of our favorite activities on the island.

Wash and repeat.

Such a mix of past and present. Old shops with cultural finds, traditional home wear, modern clothing, bathing suits galore, shoes, accessories, things to take home. Jewellery amass, religious items, cosmetics, toys, stationary, dress up or dress down. Brand name, no name, and artisanal.

Always a new shop we haven’t seen or wondered through. Tourist shops a plenty.

Luxury experiences along the port path with a side of champagne.

And delicious snacks all along the way.

Alexander Roma - the main shopping street runs parallel to the port and is mostly a walkway, with no cars allowed (kinda). Makes crossing back and forth alot safer than it used to be.

One of our favs, the Hondo Center has everything you need in terms of bath and cosmetic essentials. 2 levels, cosmetics and fragrances on the main level, every day essentials upstairs.

Grab a snack or refreshment from really anywhere and enjoy. Our favorite is Tzante closer to the town square on Alexander Roma, which offers the yummiest of local snacks.

Most of the little side streets have shops and boutiques to explore as well so you won’t have time to do it all in one day.

The shops are all mixed. With specialized boutiques next to little local shops. Every corner gives you something different.

We like a morning walk through, earlier than later because let’s be honest, it gets really hot.

Always stop for a leisurely breakfast after shopping and before heading to the beach. The island is adopting more of the full breakfast concept. And there are a few really stand out restaurants offering some really thought out menu’s. A few of the spots on the port and the square have delicious options. Our current super favorite is Madisons , right on the port with fun views of the yachts ligned up, and dare I say my favorite cappuccino in town.

We commit ourselves each year to finding the best one. For now it holds the top spot.

Plus the bathrooms are super clean and modern if that’s your thing (total bonus!).

If you're not into a sit down breakfast, see our travel tip for a great grab and go spot (mentioned above!)

Here's a few of our favorite shops:

  • Shoe stores (and accessories), top 3 easy: Koniaris, glass store front on Alexander Roma. And our favorite, AKAI on the street below Alexander Roma named Foskolou. Worth the detour we promise!

  • At the top of the street you'll find more athletic wear, a great accessory store and a woman's clothing store you should definitely walk through. There's a younger shop for teens and young women who's prices can't be beat. Once Alexander Roma begins with street traffic, you’re in more of a neighborhood than you are a shopping district.

  • Mid way up Alexander Roma you'll find our favorite jewellery store. You'll can buy something special or something really special. Prices really vary depending on budget with a great selection.

  • Blue Skins on Alexander Roma is a 3 level shop that serves up current street wear. Look in the basement for great brands and great sneakers. Upper level has some gems also.

  • Near the bottom of Alexander Roma closer to the square you’ll find a few artisinal shops that sell the nicest handmade bags and clutches. You need to walk in and through to find these treasures. You won’t miss the beautiful windows with their super pretty displays among the tourist shops.

  • Isola Boutique in the town square has some gorgeous finds, with higher price tags, but many treasures and definitely worth a visit.

  • Mokosh is a new concept luxury storefront on the port with a side of champagne. Gorgeous pieces. Great new high end concept @_makosh_ (near our favorite breakfast spot!)

Always plan an evening walk through on the days they stay open late. Before heading to dinner in town of course. Options are endless.

We have great eating in Zakinthos itineraries that guarantee great meals.

Remember, Wednesday and Sunday storefronts are not open late. And shops always close for siesta mid afternoon.

Greek island vibes.

Travel Zante Tip: Toward the bottom of Alexander Roma, near the square, you’ll find the Tzante counter, and I promise potentially the best puffed pastry you’ll ever have. Bougatsa or spanakopita would be my top 2 must try's.

Thank me later.

Always something left to discover. And that’s the best part.


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