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Shipwreck Beach, Navagio, Zante

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

World famous Navagio, a must see while in Zakynthos.

Maybe the reason you choose to holiday in Zakynthos, the wonder of Shipwreck Beach. I mean you can’t really leave without experiencing it.

What has fast become one of the most photographed beaches in all the world might be the reason you chose to holiday in Zante. What is known as Navagio or Shipwreck Beach, is a cove that is home to a 1980 smugglers ship that ran aground during a storm. Story is told that they were running form the greek navy and sailed into shallow waters. White sandy beach with a white peppled shore meeting the turqoise waters makes this beach's beauty undeniable.

I mean, maybe the reason you decide to holiday in Zakynthos, you shouldn’t leave without seeing this beauty. Whether you decide it is by land or see is up to you.

The 200m limestone wall is impressive. You can feel it looming over you. There are uncountable tour operators ready to bring you to the cove. With as little as 25$ per person you can take a 4 hour boat tour to get there. You can charter these tours from pretty much any beach or town around the island. You can opt to take a short tour leaving one of the ports nearby or opt into the scenic route. Know that it gets busy, loads of tourists sail in to get a photo on that beach. The earlier you go the better. The water gets quite wavy as the tourist boats sail in.

If you feel like a splurge, you can charter your own private mini-yacht. These start around 800 euro for an 8hour day at sea that includes a tour of the island and a stop for lunch. Around 10 passengers as well as a skipper and hostess. I’ll admit, one of our splurges. We cannot get enough of #boatday!

You can also opt to see this beauty by land. Explore the mountains and drive out to the official look out point. There’s a small metal balcony that overlooks the cove with spectacular views. The colours are even more vivid in person if you can imagine.

Zante Travel Tip: To note, there’s a dangerous path that tourists walk to get those perfect pictures. But please be warned there have been accidents. Proceed with caution and preferably not wearing your flip flops.

No matter what you choose, land or sea, you must visit the #shipwreck #navagio in #zante.


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