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Family Travel In Zante

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Are you travelling to Zante with kids? So much fun, and lots to do. Let us show you around.

Zakynthos can be considered a party island for the young, and a walk down Laganas after dark will show you exactly why. The rest of the island is so family friendly you wouldn't even know that kind of chaos was that close by.

Having said that, Laganas during the day is a great place to people watch. And if you have older kids, they will absolutely love the action. Cool Peppers Beach bar is a great option, music is really good, but not too loud. Free parking.

Away from teenage dreams at Laganas beach village, you will find one beach town after another catering to travellers with and without children. It is an island after all.

Every beach is family friendly. And every resort town has its own gems to offer families. Tested and loved, we always get a kick out of a few kid approved land activities.

I couldn't choose just one standout. Luckily the island is small enough where most of these things are a short (or medium) drive away if staying or visiting the eastern part of the island.

The nearby relaxed resort town of Kalamaki has a bit of everything. Up at the top of the strip near the Laganas main road you'll find quite a few bars and clubs. The further toward Kalamaki you go the more accessible to all ages everything becomes. A 5 minute drive down the road will seemingly bring you into another universe. You name it, you got it. Hotels line up the adjacent roads. More and more built each year. One of my favorite restaurants keeps its company amongst other delicious restaurants, travel shops, cute bars, ice cream shops, vehicle rentals, and more. Stand out for families is the Caretta Fun Park Center. Entry is free, and then it's a pay to play system. Games, mini rides, VR, trampolines, bumper cars, mini courses, adrenaline rides, and more bouncy castles than you could imagine. Open very late. It has many tables where you could wait, take a break, or enjoy a drink (and fast food). It's honestly quite hysterical to find yourself in the middle of all this controlled chaos. Kids cannot get enough. Good for all ages. A short visit is all you need, but there is enough to do if you want to kill a few hours for sure.

Travel Zante Tip:

  1. In the Kalamaki area, enjoy dinner at one of our favorites, Zakinthi Restaurant nearby. Pretty gardens which also have areas for the kids to 'hang' during your leisurely dinner (popular with older kids!). You can enjoy the fun park before or after if you're not staying in the area.

  2. Kalamaki beach with its relaxed waters is a protected nesting beach. They offer rentals of inflated rings, alligators and beds for the kids to enjoy in the water which we always appreciate being able to just hand back at the end of our day. They go for around 2-5 euros each.

  3. Kalamaki beach restaurant has some of the best spaghetti Bolognese we've ever had. Children's portion is a great size for lunch, but hey no one here is judging.

On the other side of Laganas Bay, you'll find the quiet Agios Sostis Beach. And this is our favorite spot to rent a mini boat and captain our way over to explore the islet of Marathonisi (also known as Turtle Island).

Water Park

Our favorite:

Zante Water Village

Have you ever been to the dessert? Bring your flip flops. It’s located just outside Zante Town. Not the only park in the city but we find not as crowded. We like it because we get to experience what it has to offer and then we can move on. Everyone is happy!

Travel Zante Tip: Go as soon as it opens. We spend a few hours here, and then hit a beach close by to finish the afternoon, usually Laganas, at our favorite spot Cool Peppers. There usually isn't a lot of people so you can do the rides a few times before the kids inevitably want to hit the pool. Always a good laugh. Fun for the whole family. Snack shop makes a very decent frappé and the fruit shake is also great.

Every beach town caters to children and families in one way or another. Tsilivi Beach Town will offer plenty of family activities. Kalamaki will do the same. Randomly you will find plenty of amusement parks. Walking in the city square you’ll find kids running around and riding their bikes. Most restaurants have little kiddy play areas, and sometimes sections where older kids can hang.

Greek culture is deep rooted in family, and it’s reflected in the way families are received.

Zante town (or the Hora) itself has plenty to offer the kids. If you eat in the square there is an arcade at the corner that will keep the kids busy for a while. We like to eat at Alesta’s or San Marco Cafe and watch the older kids take the younger kids to play.

The older kids also like to ‘walk’ the square… checking out the scene. Always a great time.

Lots of spots for ice cream before heading home. And quite honestly, most of the shops take dessert very seriously so finding something to indulge in wont be difficult.

St Nicholas Beach

St Nicholas water sports is the best on the island. One of our favorite days on the island are at Ammos Beach Bar. Worth the drive. The beach front is beautiful and has wonderful service. A short walk down the beach lets you choose what ride to take, from casual to extreme fun. They have a huge selection of rides, and they're all so much fun!


A huge mini-putt course. With a very big bar for those that like to drink and putt. It's a great course for any age. They have 2 levels to choose from. We always do the advanced level and I promise it's not too bad.


Im adding this here because its my favorite place to rent the mini boats and captain yourselves over to the caves for some exploring. Usually around 125 euros for 2 hours. You get to boat around and explore the beauty. It's always a highlight of our trip.

We always opt to eat lunch at one of the restaurants that line the bay, and then set sail for a couple of hours.

Porto Limionas / Porto Roxa

If the kids are daredevils, or if they are tween and teens, jumping off these cliffs are all the fun you could want to have. It's so much fun. And so fun to watch others doing the same.

Porto Roxa is our favorite, and we can float around the crystal clear waters all day. Lunch is always delicious no matter which spot you choose.

Making family memories that will last a lifetime. Easy to do in beautiful Zakynthos.


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